What Is A POWER User?

The commoditization & consumerization of Managed IT Services are raising new challenges. Selling IT based services purely on technical facts and expertise is not enough. You as a Managed IT Services provider need to embrace the fact that it's all about the users and their productivity, not the gadgets they use.

  • Users are becoming more and more technically skilled
  • Users tries to solve their own problems, for better or worse
  • Users are adapted to an "always on" mentality
  • Users want easier ways to engage with support and expect faster response
  • Users want more freedom and control of their devices and services

What Is Self-Service Automation?

The Managed IT Services industry moves towards more and more automation with large investments in solutions automating back-end tasks such as Monitoring and Remediation, Provisioning, Patch Management, Application Deployment and Security Compliance. This is all invisible and non-accessible to the users. At the same time the need for Self-Services are not just for big Enterprises anymore. We as consumers are used to these kind of services and demand the same when buying IT Services. Despite all the advanced back-end automation there is a void in the Small Business marketplace for easy solutions engaging and empowering users to be more productive and independent. What if you could provide powerful automation in the hands of users but keep things under your control?  MySelfServicePortal.com enables Managed IT Service Providers to deliver fully automated and intuitive web based Self-Service Portals integrated wth the leading RMM systems. Engage and empower users to automatically solve common problems, make service requests and report back proper ticket information by Self-Services.

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